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Hello, I am Joei Huang. I am an independent digital marketing specialist  based in sunny Singapore.

If you own a small to medium-sized business (like SMEs or just a one-man shop) that needs to grow online, I can help :).

What is Digital Marketing?


When you have a new business and you need to get the word out that you exist, or when you have a new product to sell that you want people to know about, you need to start engaging in promotional activities. These activities have a name – Marketing.


Traditionally, marketing channels include print (newspapers, billboards, flyers, posters etc.) and broadcast (Television, radio, cable etc.).


In the decades since the invention of the Internet, the unprecedented boom in the growth of online users has created a new opportunity for marketing to people – by targeting them online all over the world.


This new marketing opportunity has been given a name – Digital Marketing. As with anything that is important in the world, it has a definition: Digital marketing is the use of digital technology, usually the Internet as the core technology, to market product or services using channels that are targeted, measurable and interactive.

What Are The Digital Marketing Channels Out There?

The wonderful thing about the digital marketing is there are always new digital channels being created every day for you to market to. Here are some that are important today:


A website is your claim on a piece of Internet property that you have full control over. Think of the website as your 24/7 online storefront that has the potential for foot-traffic from all over the world, at any time of day. It is definitely way cheaper than paying rent for a brick and mortar store.


Let’s get a website!


  SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is the technique of optimizing your business presence online, mainly your website, so that it can be found on the first page of Google search results when potential customers search for the products or services that you provide. SEO is a long-term organic search solution that does not involve buying of online ads. There is a saying that the 2nd page of Google search results is the best place to hide a dead body, so if you do not want your customers going to the competition, Search Engine Optimization is something you really have to do!


Let’s do some SEO!


 SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

Search Engine Marketing is a short-term solution for appearing at the top of Google search result pages by paying for top listings. Terms being used nowadays to refer to SEM include “Paid Search”, “Paid Search Advertising”, “PPC (Pay-per-click)”, “CPC (Cost-per-click)” and “CPM (Cost-per-impression)”.


Let’s buy some Ads!


 Social Media Marketing

After Search came Social. Social networks have become another fantastic channel to market to your potential customers. Many social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have become extremely marketer friendly and because these networks are able to provide extremely granular audience targeting, you are able to gain a lot more for the dollars you invest. Don’t forget the viral effect that a social network has the potential to create, you may find your brand awareness exploding when done right!


Let’s get social!


  Learn More

There are many other channels like Email Marketing, Display Advertising, Content Marketing, Influence Marketing and many other technologies that are yet to be discovered which makes this form of marketing such an exciting tool for your business!


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