Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

During or after investing your initial digital marketing efforts on web design, another important item on the list to check off should really be optimizing your website so that search engines like Google Search and Bing are able to find and display it.

Why do I need to optimize my site for search?

Upon launching your website, you will need to make sure people know about it, especially potential customers. One way is to buy online advertisements through paid media on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google Display Network among many others. As long as you have the budget, your ads get shown to the world. Once your advertising funds get exhausted, your website will once again be thrown back into oblivion.

Everyone Googles

There is another way. Remember the times when you need to find a product or service? You will probably first head to Google Search, key in what you are looking for, then let Google give you all the answers. Since we all trust Google pretty much to give us the most relevant results, our behavior is to click on the first item on the search engine result page – because if Google thinks it’s the most relevant website that matches our search keywords, we should probably check it out.

Number 1 gets all the clicks

Anyone who clicks on the  top-ranking website becomes a potential customer. Research has shown that about 30% to 50% of clicks go to the website sitting at position 1 on the first page of Google Search results – wouldn’t it be exciting if that website is yours?

Being on top is achievable

The good news is, getting on the first page, or even position 1 of Google Search results is something achievable. It just takes time and effort. Not a single advertising cent needs to be spent. As long as Google thinks you are the most relevant website, you will stay on top, for as long as you remain more relevant than your competitors. This is what we call organic search results – the most sustainable digital marketing effort ever.

What does it mean to be optimized?

Let’s say you are operating an e-commerce store selling luggage in Singapore, you will want the Google Search results page to show you on the first page or even position 1 when potential customers search with keywords like “luggage”, “luggage Singapore” or even “luggage sale Singapore”.


Search engines are intelligent enough to decide if your site is relevant, but they still need quite a bit of help. Search Engine Optimization is the digital marketing technique that optimizes your site so that it becomes more relevant than your competitors for the keywords your potential customers are searching for. The more relevant you are, the higher you will rank. The higher you rank, the more potential customers you will get! It is that simple :).